Anna German.Анна .гори гори моя звезда


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The sweet Anna German(1936-1982) interpretes here the melodious Russian song "Shine, shine my star". Her voice bears an unique sweetness which delights us. Sky pictures are by NASA. SHINE, SHINE MY STAR Shine , shine my star, Star of love, how inviting you are! You are my only and one light, there will never be another . As the night falls down to Earth lots of stars will shine on sky. But you're the one, my lovely star , shining pleasant rays on me. Star of hope , star of love and magic days. You will always be here, by my troubled soul. And your strong and bright rays will illumine my being. Should I die, on my grave you will shine, shine my star.


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Исполнитель: Герман
Название видео: Anna German.Анна .гори гори моя звезда
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